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Great Britain Northern Ireland Customs empowers citizens of the UK and the EU to search and filter through topics of the Legal Effect of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. You can also read the whole document below.

The purpose of this tool is to make the Brexit related documents more accessible and hence read by as many people as possible. This will allow more people to understand better the terms of how the UK is planning to separate from the EU in March 2019.

You can search on any topic important to you! filters out the parts of the document that deal with that topic, and provides an overview of the other key topics discussed in that section. You can then review only the part of the agreement that pertains to your interests. was created by EDIA, a Dutch AI company, using its proprietary artificial intelligence engine 360AI. It is officially supported by ‘Tech for UK’, a non-partisan group of technologists, and the Remain Group ‘Best for Britain’.

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